A self-taught artist and survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse.Β Using art, jewellery and my blog to break the chains of my past, find my wings and turn my pain into power! πŸ’œπŸ¦‹πŸ’œ


Please take a look at my story in the “About” section and please have a look at some of my work.

If you would be interested in purchasing a piece you can comment on the piece in question. Please be aware some pieces may have sold by the time you see a piece you like. If this is the case it will be marked as sold and will also have a copy in the “Sold” section. However, I can do the same piece for you from scratch.

You can also contact me via a contact form using the drop down Menu box. This is the best way to contact me if you would like a custom request.

It is very rare that I will refuse a request however I do reserve the right to refuse to undertake a commission without giving a reason. As you can understand I need to make sure I am able to cope with demand and also be aware of my own limitations and triggers when it comes to creating pieces whilst going through this difficult journey.

Prices will be discussed once I recieve requests as cost depends on the time it takes me to complete your piece, as well as the medium I use and postage. I will always price my work fairly.

My jewellery will be also be priced fairly with bracelets starting at only Β£5 + p&p. I will also be selling earrings and necklaces as requested.

Please understand it will take me a while to complete pieces, especially custom pieces, as I already have some requests on order. I am also juggling a police investigation as well as therapy so need to be mindful of the pressures and my own health.

Orders will usually be completed on a first come, first served basis, however I can make exceptions. If you have a time frame for the piece you would like please place your order as soon as possible and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

Please understand that I am a self-taught artist and this is a new venture for me. Art is theraputic and a way for me to express myself. Something I was never allowed to do as a child. I am still learning and tweaking my techniques but I will always put 110% into every piece I complete.

Any money I make from my work is to be used to help me fund my journey to recovery and my fight for justice. Anything I have left over will go towards helping the organisations who are supporting me through my journey.

I hope that by selling my work alongside my blog, that I can raise awareness around Childhood Sexual Abuse and help to make sure another child never has to live through what I have. Even if I don’t sell my work the awareness I can raise by speaking up and sharing my pictures and jewellery will be invaluable.

I would be forever grateful if you would have a look and maybe purchase a piece to help me on my way.

Please could you consider sharing this website and also my blog page to help me raise awareness;



You can also find me on facebook under the above names.

Thank you in advance for supporting me.

A forever grateful survivor.


*** This is a new website and work in progress so please be patient if things are not quite perfect ***