I was sexually and physically abused for a very long time as a child by an adult who was meant to protect me. Other adults who were also meant to protect me knew about the abuse and did nothing, even when I tried to speak up as a child. Now I have spoken up once again and I am on the road to getting finally, hopefully, getting justice and stopping this ever happening to another child.

My childhood was hell, however one good thing to have come out of this journey is that I have found my passion, and talent, to write through my blog and to also be creative.

The reason I started my blog was to help other victims and survivors feel less alone. I started using art as a way to express myself when my emotions became too much. Now I am on my way to healing I use it for fun also as well as wanting to give others a way to express themselves.

My journey to justice and recovery is a hard one. One I battle everyday, but gradually I have become stronger and I am healing. I hope that through my writing and creativity I can raise awareness about this horrible crime and stop people hurting children once and for all.

Thank you in advance for any support!

Please could you share this website to help me and other victims of childhood sexual abuse x